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Adult Day Services

Adult day centers provide services to people who are disabled and/or confused or have memory loss. Participants socialize, eat nutritious meals and sometimes receive health services. They return home each night.

What are adult day services?

People who can’t be left alone because of health issues get social, recreational and health services in a protective setting. These programs provide meals and care services during the day when a caregiver needs time off or must work.

What should I look for in an adult day center?

Ask what services the center provides and who provides them. Visit the center several times and speak with staff or attendants. Before you contact a center, you may wish to print a copy of the Adult Day Services Checklist; it will help you evaluate and compare adult day centers. Adult day centers can volunteer to register and agree to comply with state rules through the Oregon Department of Human Services Aging and People with Disabilities Program. Find a list of registered adult day centers in Oregon.

How do I pay for adult day services?

Some Long-Term Care Insurance policies cover adult day services. However, recipients usually pay for adult day services themselves.

ADRC of Oregon staff are available to help you explore your options to meet your current needs or create a plan for the future.

Adult Day Services Checklist.

Use this checklist to evaluate and compare adult day centers.

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