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Safety is important for everyone, but taking specific precautions becomes vital as dementia progresses. By putting measures in place, you can prevent injuries and help the person with Alzheimer's feel comfortable.


Six in 10 people with Alzheimer’s will wander. A person with Alzheimer's may not remember his or her name or address and can become disoriented, even in familiar places. Wandering among people with dementia is dangerous, but there are strategies and services to help prevent it.

Learn more about wandering


Driving demands quick reactions and decision making. People with Alzheimer's likely will not be able to drive. Dealing with the issue early on can help.

The Alzheimer’s Association website provides tips on speaking to a loved one about driving, signs of unsafe driving and other resources.

You can anonymously report someone you feel should no longer be driving. The Department of Motor Vehicles will assess the person. Click here for more information.

Other driving resources may be found at:

At home

People with Alzheimer's can live in their homes if safety measures are in place. You can adapt the home to support the person’s needs.

Learn more about home safety

The ADRC in your area may have resources to make your home safer. Oregon Project Independence may be able to help pay for home safety modifications.

Elder abuse and neglect

People with Alzheimer’s can be victims of elder abuse or neglect. Contact the Department of Human Services office in your area or your local law enforcement to report possible abuse. If you are unsure who to contact, call Tel: 1-855-503-SAFE (7233) or click here.

Safety in long-term care settings

Do you have concerns about a loved one’s care and well-being in a long-term care setting? This could be an adult foster home, an assisted living facility, memory care or nursing home. The Oregon Long-Term Care Ombudsman may be able to help. Call Tel: 1-800-522-2602 or click here for more information.

ADRC of Oregon staff are available to help you explore your options to meet your current needs or create a plan for the future.

Home Safety Guide

A booklet on home safety from the National Institute on Aging.

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