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Memory Care Communities

What are memory care communities?

Memory care communities provide a secure environment for persons with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Care focuses on helping residents do their daily activities the way they want. They also offer activities to enrich residents’ lives.

Each memory care community is licensed as a Residential care, Assisted living or Nursing Facility. They must also meet the state’s requirements for memory care communities. Most are licensed as Residential Care Facilities. All staff must be trained to care for people with dementia. The facilities must provide services for people with behavioral symptoms. Memory care communities have activities designed for each individual. They also offer family support and enhanced environmental requirements.

Although the Oregon Department of Human Services endorses memory care communities, it does not recommend them. Each memory care community must provide a copy of its Uniform Disclosure Statement to anyone who asks about the facility. This statement outlines its services and charges. It also relates to how the facility is staffed and how staff are trained. Medication packaging requirements that ensure residents’ safety are also included.

How do I pay for a memory care community?

You can pay privately or through a Long-term care insurance policy if it covers memory care. Medicare does not pay for memory care communities’ services. If you or your loved one cannot afford to pay, contact your local ADRC of Oregon. You can find out if you or your loved is eligible for Medicaid. Be sure to ask each facility if it can accept Medicaid payment.

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